How to convert kids bike to tricycle


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You have an assortment of alternatives for changing your bicycle over to a tricycle. Average back tire changes are ideal for kids and riders with exceptional requirements. A front-wheel transformation adds a brandishing component to the three-wheel insight. Front and back tricycle change packs are accessible for single-speed and multispeed bicycles. Information on bike parts and a supplement of hand apparatuses are required while changing your bicycle over to a tricycle.

Back tire Conversion

Stage 1

Mount the bike on a stand or backing the bicycle upstanding utilizing wood blocks under the edge. Eliminate the back tire and chain.

Stage 2

Eliminate the back derailleur on a multispeed bicycle and lay it on the base section. Eliminate a back side-pull brake, or plate brake caliper. Eliminate the brake link and the back brake hand switch. Avoid this progression for single-speed bicycles or bicycles with a liner brake.

Stage 3

Audit the change pack guidelines and methods beginning to end. Sort out the segments and the proper stray pieces as indicated by the methods. Peruse the rundown of required instruments and stage these close to the bike.

Stage 4

Fabricate the back hub and sprocket gathering as portrayed. Mount the pivot in the dropouts where the back tire was taken out. Incorporate any sections, lock washers and spacers at every dropout. Secure the connections utilizing the gave nuts and the proper measurement apparatuses.

Stage 5

Mount the back tires on the tricycle hub and fix the hub nuts safely. Take the bicycle off the stand or eliminate the wood blocks from under the casing and chock the front wheel.

Stage 6

Reattach the back derailleur on a multispeed bicycle. Contingent upon the transformation pack, it very well may be important to change a top-swing or base swing derailleur. The leaving link and shifter stay with most transformations.

Stage 7

Eliminate the expert connection from the bicycle chain. Introduce the chain on the front and back sprockets and associate the expert connection. Mount the chain watch as depicted in the directions.

Front-Wheel Conversion

Stage 1

Mount the bike on a stand or backing the bicycle upstanding utilizing wood blocks under the casing. Eliminate the front haggle front side-pull brake or circle brake caliper. Eliminate the brake link and front brake hand switch.

Stage 2

Survey the transformation unit guidelines before you start. Arrange the segments and the suitable stray pieces as indicated by the strategies. Peruse the rundown of required apparatuses and stage the instruments close by.

Stage 3

Eliminate the forks. Save the cap nut, spacers and washers that you eliminate from the guiding headset. Introduce the tricycle forks into the headset. Complete the connection utilizing the saved spacers, washers and cap nut. Connect the double pivot to the forks as portrayed in the guidelines.

Stage 4

Mount the privilege and left wheel plates and axles on the double hub. Interface the guiding arms between the forks and the rack-and-pinion fittings on every shaft as depicted. Ordinary associations have bushings that you introduce or were introduced at the plant. Allude to the guidelines for bushing establishment, if fundamental.

Stage 5

Slide one of the gave internal wheel heading onto every axle. Put the front wheels on the shafts. Introduce an external bearing constantly retainer in each wheel center. String a pivot nut on every axle and fix the nuts as depicted. Press the bearing assurance covers onto each wheel center by hand.

Things You’ll Need

Change unit

Metric apparatuses


Have a bicycle shop look at the bicycle in case you’re new to bicycle mechanics.


Some transformation units may exclude a substitution brake. Acquire a front or back tricycle bicycle brake from a bike shop or bike extra source.

Check the brakes prior to utilizing the bicycle to ensure they work.

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