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Multifunction 5 in 1 Baby Tricycle

The Best Design Multifunction and Foldable to be Small Size Baby Trike


Uonibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle Brown Wholesale and Bulk OEM Order

5-in-1 Convertible Design:

This versatile product easily transforms to suit children at different stages of growth: a scooter for ages 1.2-2.5 years, a tricycle for 2-4 years, a balance bike for 3-5 years, a parent-controlled trolley, and a compact, portable design for easy transport and storage.

1. Seat Adjustment:

Equipped with a four-gear adjustable seat, the Uonibaby Cycle allows for easy modification of the seat position, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit as your child grows. ( New Upgrade Function )

2. Adjustable Handle Height:

The Uonibaby 5-in-1 Tricycle features an adjustable handle, ensuring comfort and safety by accommodating your child’s growth.

3. Gear Specifications:

The high gear measures 490 mm, while the low gear is 450 mm.

4. Detachable Pedals:

The Uonibaby Tricycle includes detachable pedals, making it simple to remove the pedals as needed.

5. Parent Control Handle with Adjustable Height:

This handle offers three height settings, providing customized comfort and control for parents while pushing the tricycle.

6. Lightweight and Foldable:

Designed for easy transport and storage, this lightweight and portable tricycle folds down swiftly.

7. Durable EVA+PU Wheels:

Constructed from EVA and PU materials known for their durability and shock absorption, these wheels are built to last through regular use.

8. Comfortable Seat:

The tricycle features a comfortable seat to ensure enjoyable and fatigue-free rides for your child.

Unique as you are

Product Highlights

Special Design


only 3.7kg

Fold to Small Size

Double Fun

With Push Bar


5 Seconds to fold to small size / 5 seconds to install the push bar

Uonbaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle 3 Wheel for 2-4 years old kids s881

Uonibaby S881, a versatile 5-in-1 baby tricycle designed for convenience and longevity. This innovative tricycle adapts through various stages: from a toddler scooter to a tricycle, a balance bike, a parent-controlled trolley, and finally a compact, easy-to-carry format for effortless transportation. With adjustable handle and seat heights, detachable pedals, and durable, shock-absorbing EVA+PU wheels, the S881 offers a smooth, comfortable ride for your growing child. Ideal for dynamic, evolving play and travel needs.

Uonbaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle to kids scooter for 1.5-2.5 years old s881

Experience the smooth and stable ride of the 3-wheel scooter, designed for both safety and fun. This scooter features two front wheels and one rear wheel, which enhance balance and stability, making it ideal for learners. 

The intuitive lean-to-steer mechanism helps develop coordination and fine motor skills, while the adjustable handlebar allows the scooter to grow with your child. Lightweight and durable, it’s perfect for daily use, providing a reliable and enjoyable way for your child to get around.

Uonbaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle to Balance Bike for 3-5 years old s881

The balance bike is designed to help young children develop the necessary skills for cycling, such as balance and coordination, without the complication of pedals. 

This simple design, pedal-less design encourages kids to use their feet to propel themselves forward and learn to maintain their balance on two wheels. With an adjustable seat and handlebars, the balance bike can be customized to fit the growing needs of a child, providing a comfortable and confidence-building ride. It’s an ideal first step towards independent riding, offering a fun and educational experience.

5 in 1 baby tricycle to Baby Stroller for 2-5 years old s881

The baby stroller style is engineered to provide safety, comfort, and convenience for both parents and infants during outings. Featuring a reclining seat, it allows infants to sit up or lie down comfortably, ideal for naps and active observing. 

The stroller is equipped with a sun canopy and rain cover to protect your child from the elements. Adjustable handles and a lightweight, foldable design ensure easy maneuverability and transport. Additional features like ample storage space for diaper bags and accessories, secure harnesses, and smooth-rolling wheels enhance the overall functionality, making it an essential tool for modern parenting.

Foldable 5 in 1 baby tricycle s881

One Button Folding

The one-button folding function is a user-friendly feature designed to simplify the process of collapsing and storing gear, such as strollers, bikes, and scooters. With just a single press of a button, this mechanism enables the item to fold quickly and compactly, making it ideal for transport or storage in tight spaces. 

This feature is particularly valuable for busy parents and commuters who need to transition swiftly and efficiently without hassle, ensuring a seamless and convenient user experience.

Details to Show

seat adjustable uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
handle bar height adjustable uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
two mode of pedal of uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
Independent tire uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
EVA PU Tyre uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
Soft seat uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
Size of uonibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle s881
Light weight uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
red uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle
brown uoibaby 5 in 1 baby tricycle

How to install & ride kids trike

First Step To Install without Tools

install step1 of 4 in 1 uonibaby tricycle

1. Open the carton, take out the trike

install step2 of 4 in 1 uonibaby tricycle

2. Press the button, rotate the frame to be trike

install step3 of 4 in 1 uonibaby tricycle

3. Press the button on front bar, rotate the bar to be normal

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T801 Uonibaby Trike for Girls

DNG5-1 Uonibaby Kids Scooter for Toddlers

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SL168 Uonibaby Trike for Baby 3 years Old

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